Website Maintenance

Why you need website maintenance?

All web sites need maintenance to keep them up-to-date. Some sites need daily updates while others may need weekly, fortnightly or only occasional maintenance.

We have 4 far reaching site upkeep bundles. Site support incorporates modifying of substance, altering, or changing existing website pages with the present data. The intermittent expansion of new website pages could likewise be a piece of support administrations. (relies on upon the site support pack you have taken).

Crisp and current data gives individuals motivation to come back to your site.

  1. 4 hours maintenance per year
  2. 1 hour maintenance per month
  3. 7 hours maintenance per month
  4. 20 hours maintenance per month

All Maintenance Pack Includes:

1. Change and Addition of Website Content

2. Picture Manipulation and Addition (customer provided pictures)

3. Shopping basket item/value upgrades (assuming any).

4. Upgrade declarations, articles, and so forth (assuming any).

5. Supplant pictures i.e. pictures and representation ( customer provided picture )

6. Including/evacuating pages. For including page(s) Client needs to give the Contents.

7. PDF creation and transferring ( Client Provided Content )

8. Realistic Designing in Photoshop. For making new pictures a sensible charge will be included.
Maintenance Pack Features:

1. Redesigns are normally done inside 24 hours ( ideally aside from occasions and ends of the week). If there should arise an occurrence of crisis we additionally give benefits in occasions and ends of the week at sensible additional charge.

2. In spite of the fact that we bend over backward to roll out precise improvements, it is the customer’s obligation to survey upgrades and inform us of any important changes that should be made. We don’t charge for changes that are our blame. Notwithstanding, if a change should be made because of customer blunder, then a sensible additional sum will be charged.

3. “Support” is characterized as keeping the site existing design “AS Seems to be”. It is not planned to be an upgrade or redo.

4. New outline work is charged at our plan rate.

5. Overhauls ought to be given electronically (by email) just Or by server transfer as helpful.


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