1.  What is the delivery time of the website ?

For General Website Design We take 1-2 Weeks, For CMS website Development we take 3-4 Weeks, For Ecommerce Website Development we take 4-7 Weeks, for Mobile Apps development we take 4-7 weeks. Our digital marketing activity is Monthly and Quarterly subscription pack.

2. Is their any money back policy ?

Yes, A customer can cancel the deal to get the money back within 7 days of the payment . A minimal fees of 10% will be deducted from customers paid amount as process fees and consulting.

3. can customer upgrade the packages selected?

Yes, Customer can upgrade the package by paying additional fees quoted by the company .

4. Is my information confidential with Paxanova ?

Yes, we provide 100% privacy to our customer data and never sale it to other third party services.

5. What is the USP of Paxanova to provide our work order ?

Client centric Approach: Prices and Products can be replicated, but a strong service culture cannot. We strongly believe that service is taking action to create value for our customers.
Time efficient Approach:  We can get you a fully functional website in just 6 working days.
Cost effective Model: The prices we offer are extremely cost effective and are aimed at small businesses.
Customer & User Friendly : We have an interactive interface for content management, with which even our customers can make changes quite easily if they need to.

6. How I can get my website design order to paxanova solutions ?

After filling a basic checklist form, we send you a set of possible templates and themes. once the design is confirmed we get the domain name of your choice. Once the content and images for your website are obtained, we give you a demo link for your approval. Upon your approval the site is ready to go live.


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